Read and vote: Are cab-hailing apps wrecking the world’s best taxi service?

Some say smartphone apps like Uber and Hailo are destroying professional cab services; others welcome the demise of taxi monopolies. You decide.


Most services like Uber, Lyft and SideCar use unlicensed, untrained drivers who don’t carry the proper city insurance and license to operate as a driver to transport people around town.  We see an issue with this and you have seen all the cities that do not want these Apps in their city.  BUT the attraction to using an App to book a taxi and all the features that come along with it needed to be used in a different model.

As technology has advanced so rapidly the creators of myRide saw the need to further enhance the passenger experience in metro areas.

The biggest complaints from passengers and we have all been in the same scenario is long waits and trying to hail a taxi.
We wait around with no idea if they are even coming and we watch as taxis from different companies zoom by empty.

The first of its kind in Canada, the myRide Taxi will find the closest ride to your location within seconds. All the local taxi services in one place. Choose from different vehicle types, select your favorite driver, ride notifications, ride summary emails, rate your driver and make the payment all within the App with one click!

The myRide Taxi App is your choice when you need a ride.


Currently working on being the Taxi App solution for the following cities in Alberta
Fort McMurray Taxi App | Calgary Taxi App | Edmonton Taxi App | | Grande Prairie Taxi App | Lethbridge Taxi App | Red Deer Taxi App |

Download and book a taxi in Fort McMurray!