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70 Uber drivers charged in Edmonton undercover sting

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ELISE STOLTE, EDMONTON JOURNAL More from Elise Stolte, Edmonton Journal Published on: December 11, 2015 | Last Updated: December 11, 2015 11:00 PM MST A covert investigation has led to charges against roughly 70 Uber drivers and a massive wave of cases set to hit the busy provincial bylaw court. “We’ve set 70 or so for trial and they keep coming in,” said defence lawyer Paul Moreau, hired by Uber to handle them. “This is sucking up an enormous amount of resources. They’re having to adjourn other cases to make room for this.” In the first case, heard earlier this

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New York City taxis compete with Uber


More than four years after Uber arrived in New York City and started siphoning riders from traditional cabs, the city’s taxis finally have an app that might allow them to fight back. The app called Arro, which is being beta tested in 7,000 taxis now and will launch more widely in coming weeks, allows users to hail and pay for yellow and green taxi rides in New York City, mimicking the service provided by UberT. Arro is different from Uber in that its users can hail cabs via messages that are sent directly to drivers through their data terminals. Uber

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Changing the way you book a taxi in Fort McMurray

GLOBE DEBATE FACEOFF Read and vote: Are cab-hailing apps wrecking the world’s best taxi service? Contributed to The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Jul. 15 2014, 9:33 AM EDT Last updated Tuesday, Jul. 15 2014, 11:42 AM EDT Some say smartphone apps like Uber and Hailo are destroying professional cab services; others welcome the demise of taxi monopolies. You decide.   Most services like Uber, Lyft and SideCar use unlicensed, untrained drivers who don’t carry the proper city insurance and license to operate as a driver to transport people around town.  We see an issue with this and you have seen all

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Fort McMurray Taxi App – Update

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myRide Taxi App is the one app that will find the closest ride to you within seconds. All the local taxi services in one place. Choose from different vehicle types and select your favorite driver if they are available. Loaded with other features, the myRide Taxi App is your choice when you need a ride. it’s simply brilliant As technology has advanced so rapidly the creators of myRide saw the need to further enhance the passenger experience in metro areas. The biggest complaints from passengers and we have all been in the same scenario is long waits and trying to

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Battle between Uber and the City heats up in Edmonton

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EDMONTON — Uber Edmonton News –  once again in operation, offering free rides throughout the city, and at least one city councillor is not pleased with it. “I was very disappointed,” said Ward 5 Councillor Michael Oshry. “Council made it pretty clear that we asked them to stop operating in order to give us some time to revisit the bylaw.” After much opposition to the ride-sharing service by the taxi industry, city council passed a motion last Tuesdaythat put the brakes on Uber’s operations in Edmonton. The city asked Uber to temporarily suspend its operations in Edmonton until council decides to

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New Taxi Service


Welcome to myRide Technologies Inc!  We are having an absolute blast testing and driving around the city of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Some have asked why “Fort McMurray” do they need another new taxi service and well it is a really long story but in short why not? P.S We are a booking App not an actual Taxi company. So as we skate down the ice covered “streets” of this picture perfect winter city we will try to keep everyone up to date with how things are progressing. Our Facebook is coming along but check us out on Twitter until we get

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